Souvenirs of the Local Craft Draft Experience

Once a customer is through your doors, she becomes a captive audience – don’t miss the opportunity to profit from the sale of an iconic Tote Glass growler.


If you are a beer lover, it is most likely difficult for you to identify which time of year qualifies as “beer season” (there is, after all, a perfect beer style for every single season) – but if you were to conduct a street survey on what season people consume the most amount of beer, chances are summertime would be a major contender.


Warmer weather, the beach, the pool, the cookouts and barbeques – not to mention Summer Vacations – all come with a thirst that must be quenched.


Often, when people get to their vacation destination, they typically set out to find a memorable Local Experience – and Local Craft (particularly Craft Draft!) is quickly making its way to the top of the Local Experience list.


Once an individual has committed to embracing the Local Draft, especially if he or she is enjoying themselves, they will want to take a part of it home with them as a reminder of the amazing time that they had; a souvenir, if you will, of their Local Experience.


And what’s better than a high quality, reusable reminder – a keepsake that keeps your brand top of mind long after the summer vacationer’s initial visit has come and gone.


Few items say it better than an iconic growler from Tote Glass which – every single time it is used – not only brings back the joy of their experience, but also acts as a walking billboard for your brand.


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