How Do YOU Seal the Deal?

If you really want to showcase the quality of your brand, offer it to your customers in a high-quality vessel – one that comes with both reliability and style. For more oomph, add your logo to that vessel to keep your brand top-of-mind and seal your position in the craft draft community.


The difference between a "Flip-top" and a "Swing-top" growler lies in the position of the hinge--or more specifically, where the hinge connects to the lid. The wire form on a Swing-top growler goes through the center of the lid, whereas on a Flip-top the wire form is located on one side of the lid (allowing the lid to “flip” open, as opposed to having the lid “swing” on its hinge).


Tote Glass Flip-top growlers, specifically, have the additional design advantage of the wire form going through the ceramic lid (rather than around its edge) reducing “wiggle room” and creating a stronger, more durable seal – which is what makes them known for being the premium glass growler.


The difference between a Flip-top and/or Swing-top growler and a Screw-top growler is a bit more obvious – from the way it closes to the type of seal it creates.


Flip-top and Swing-top growlers have a visible, rubber gasket as a component of their lids; and the pressure created from clamping the gasket into place is what creates the air-tight seal (time and time again). Screw-top lids sometimes come with a liner that is good for one use only; and the seal – when using a fresh lid that includes a liner – is created by screwing the lid on just right (screwing it on too tight may damage the cap or strip the bottle threads; screwing it on too loose may allow the cap to leak).


Granted, Flip-tops and Swing-tops may lose their resilience after much repeated use (or a gasket can get funky if not cleaned properly); however, with a replacement gasket, they are like new again (and gaskets are inexpensive to replace!).


The type of growler your business uses plays into your company brand. Tote Glass now offers a way to convert a Screw-top growler into a Swing-top growler, giving you the potential to increase profits, boost your brand, and seal your position in the craft draft community.



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