I’d Like My Order…STAT!

There are many factors that influence how any given order is processed – starting with what you are buying, and who you are buying it from; and how an order is processed determines how long it takes to be fulfilled.


Tote Glass strives to process and fulfill orders as timely and efficiently as possible – while also maintaining protocols that assure our customers are receiving quality goods at a reasonable cost.


At Tote Glass the first factor that influences processing time is whether or not an order is decorated; the second is if the order is placed by a new customer or an established one.


Undecorated orders placed by established customers are almost always processed the same day that they are placed, and ship from our warehouse within 24 hours of order confirmation. Decorated orders placed by established customers, while also being processed within the same time frame, take longer to fulfill simply due to the nature of the order.


For new customers, processing and fulfilling an order may take several additional days beyond an established customer's time frame.


Regardless of status, all Tote Glass customers can help move the process along by doing a couple of things:


Confirm that your company’s information (particularly your email address and payment information) are up to date and accurate each time an order is placed.


Return all requested forms – signed and dated – as soon as possible, as we cannot begin processing an order without them (these usually include current order quotes and proofs, when applicable, and our wholesale returns and restocking policy form).





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