Holiday Trends

Market research is a great tool for steering a business to success.


And when it comes to selling beer, good market research would include data on consumption trends during the holidays. Fortunately, there is plenty of data out there to sift through and learn from.


While reviewing some current statistics, one interesting tidbit Tote Glass uncovered about the Top Ten consumption holidays is that the rankings differ depending on where the beer is being consumed. If the criteria for ranking stipulates “on-site” (at the bar, restaurant, etc.) consumption, Christmas ranks #9 – however, if “at home” consumption is the stipulating factor Christmas’s rank jumps to #4. In other words, during Christmas, most beer consumption happens at home, not at the bar.


Offer stylish, high quality Tote Glass growlers on-site to make it easier for people to drink your beer in their home this Christmas season!!






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