Holiday Gifts

CRAFT DRAFT is the Perfect Holiday Gift!


Current data reveals wine and spirits having an increase in on-site sales from Autumn through the end of the year, whereas beer has a decrease in sales during those months.


The holidays are a key time of the year when consumers are looking for high-end products to gift to family and friends.


A potential reason for the current comparative purchasing trends between wine, sprits, and beer may be due to an association with wine and liquor being more “high-end” than beer, and therefore more appropriate as a host and/or holiday gift.


Help change the current mind set by offering your high-end craft draft in our high-end decorated growlers!


…and if you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite craft draft beer lover, check out our StoneHusk closure system – it’s small enough for stuffing, and novel enough to have come straight from the North Pole!!







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